Tuesday, May 1, 2012

To Social orNot to Social

I've been staring at the Social Security/Disability web page for an hour now...

Could we use the extra help that Disability Medicaid would provide us? Of course. Though we hold private health insurance, the co pays on Gabe's testing and services add up. $25 a time, times 20 times a month. Yes, we CAN pay out of pocket, but will we be ultimately be denying our son services? When his OT or PT or ST suggests a service, will we have to say no, because of monetary constraints? I hope not.

It's hard for me to answer the form: First and last name: done. No problem. Child's disability? HUGE problem!!! MY child is NOT disabled!!!! He is exceptional, in everything he does! He talks better than some NT 2 year olds, and he is so funny and smart.You are NOT suggesting I label my child as disabled just so they can receive government services??? I think I will hold off on filling out the SSI/Disability form for one more day.

1 comment:

  1. Don't hold off sweetie...just get it done - you will face form after form like this. None of them define Gabe or your family - think of them like your AA meetings ;-)