Wednesday, May 9, 2012


As part of our "get in shape and do a 5k" plan, Jake and I have been taking Gabe on 3 mile walks every day for the last few weeks. We always start out with him walking, and then put him in his stroller when he gets tired. Normally, this is after a block. Two, tops.

Yesterday, he walked .91 miles on his own! I couldn't believe it! (And I know the exact mileage because I track our walks on my phone). That would have been exciting enough for me, but there's more! Several different times (maybe 4 or 5) he actually tried to run! He could only go for about 5 seconds before he lost his balance, and it was very awkward looking, but it's a start! Go, Gabriel! You rock!

I admire my son tremendously--he works way harder than most toddlers to accomplish the same tasks (and often times needs therapy to learn), but he accomplishes them. I read an article from an FX parent on Facebook the other day about a child with FXS going to college. That could be Gabriel. That inspires me so much to continue working with him--I truly believe he can do so much. Will he require assistance to get there? Probably. Will he have to work harder than his peers to accomplish the same thing? Yes. But he's determined; and we are determined to help him achieve. Whatever those achievements may be. I know the bumps in the road aren't over, but today I'm excited for him--to see what his future holds.

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